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Frequently Asked Questions


Which types of car is suitable for you?

If you are looking for an economical car without spending so much of money then Tata company cars is an ideal car for you. The only problem is that it is slow and noisy car. If you are looking for a modern faster car but still budget conscious then Maruti Swift D’zire is a good option. To enjoy Old world charm, you can take Ambassador although these are always in short supply. If you have no problem with budget then you can go for Honda City, Ford Fiests and if you want to travel in style then of course, there is nothing better than Mercedez or Audi cars. If you are travelling in a small group or with a family then Toyota Innova is a good value. We can also offer you 4X4 vehicles like Toyota Prado Land Cruiser or Toyota Forturener if you need such kind of vehicle. If you are travelling with a large group then we have 10, 18, 27, 35 & 47 seater coaches as well.

What does your price include?

Our price includes practically everything viz. Driver (with his boarding and lodging), fuel, parking, insurance and all taxes unless specified otherwise. You don’t have to pay anything extra pertaining to car.

How do you calculate mileage and no. of days?

The mileage and no. of days are calculated from our garage to garage in city. In case you leave car at any other place than from where you have rented then no. of days and mileage will be calculated up to our office in city where you rent it.

What are your payment terms?

You can pay us in advance through bank remittance or otherwise, you can pay us on arrival in cash or through credit card or traveller cheques. In certain cases we may ask you to pay us in advance as a condition. Shortly, we shall also accept secured online credit card payment., 18, 27, 35 & 47 seater coaches as well.

What happens if I have to cancel or change my reservation?

You can pay us in advance through bank remittance or otherwise, you can pay us on arrival in cash or through credit card or traveller cheques. In certain cases we may ask you to pay us in advance as a condition. Shortly, we shall also accept secured online credit card payment.

Which types of car is suitable for you?

Normally, there is no problem and there is no penalty for that. But, in certain circumstances where we ask for advance payment as a condition, it may levy cancellation or amendment charges which we shall let you know at the time you make booking.

What will happen if I have to change my tour programme during the trip?

This is possible and in case of longer duration, we shall work out additional charges and let you know at the time when you make changes and in case of lesser no. of days we shall let you know the refund amount due to you which will be paid to you.

Is the boarding and lodging of driver included in the price and will he be at our disposal all the time?

Yes, the boarding and lodging of driver is included in the price but they normally expect some tips after they have provided you satisfactory service which is of course not obligatory. Normally, our driver will be at disposal you can start your trip at any time in the morning and even use till late evening. For example if you occasionally use him from 6 AM to 10 PM, it is o.k. if it is not every day.

Can you quote me in other currencies?

We can quote you in US Dollars, Euros, Nepal Rupees or even other acceptable foreign currencies.

Why should I hire car from you?

RCN is a leading car / coach rental company recognized by Dept. of Tourism, Govt. of Nepal and member of Travel Agents Association of Nepal. We have been providing this service for more than two decades and we have lot of repeated clients who have been absolutely satisfied with our services. We may not be the cheapest car rental company but we definitely provide quality and reliable service at reasonable price.

Can I get a car on per k.m. rate?

Yes, we can provide you all cars on per k.m. basis as well but normally in that case, parking and all taxes are charged extra and there is a condition of minimum chargeable mileage which varies from city to city.

How are Daily & Weekly rentals calculated?

Daily rates will apply to all rentals lasting 3 days or less. For rentals 4 to 7 days long the weekly rates will apply. Rentals is excess of 7 days will be calculated using a combination of weekly rates, unless the cost of two weeks is less. Rental begins at the day and time the vehicle is collected and one day is calculated as a 24hr period from the time the vehicle was collected.

How much fuel will the vehicle have when I collect it, If the agreement made without fuel cost.

Rental Car Nepal (RCN) mostly provide all the vehicle with fuel and driver on our package tour and all the fix destination, if the car hire weekly and monthly basis, will deliver the rental vehicle with a full tank of fuel to the renter. Upon delivery of the rental vehicle the client will have the option to either prepay for the first tank of fuel, and not have to worry about refueling before return, or to fill up the tank before returning the vehicle and not be charged by the rental company for any fuel. If the renter declines the fuel prepayment option and does not refuel before returning the vehicle, the rental car company will charge the renter for the cost of the missing fuel plus a refueling service charge. Some rental plans already include the first tank of fuel in the rental rate.

What if I keep the vehicle for longer then originally reserved?

Once the rental vehicle has been collected (checked out), an overstay fee of 25$ for car, 40$ for Van, 50$ for Hiace or Jeep, 70$ for Coaster and 90 For sutlej and tourist buses p/night will be charged for vehicles kept beyond the original return date printed on the rental contract, in addition to the regular rental charges, regardless of the customer having notified the rental car company by phone or in person that the car will be kept for longer. The overstay fee is in addition to the regular rental rates

What kind of vehicle documents will I receive when I collect the vehicle?

In the Nepal the only rental vehicle documents that you will receive at the time the vehicle is picked up will be the rental agreement contract. The rental agreement is the only document you will need, and all necessary information pertaining to the vehicle’s registration, which you may need to present to the local authorities if requested, will be included in the rental agreement.

How about the self driving contact in Nepal?

Generally we are not providing the self driving vehicle in Nepal, because of road condition and not strong low and order system. If someone needed selfdriving vehicle the renter deposit their valid ID, deposit amount of vehicle, valid insurence paper ect.

Do you provide any other services besides car rentals?

We provide all travel services including air tickets, tour packages, rail tickets, hotel booking etc. besides car & coach rentals.