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Tourist Place in Nepal : Biratnagar

Tourist Place in Nepal : Biratnagar

February 16,2018 0 comments

Car Rental Nepal, Biratnagar is Nepal’s second biggest city that is located at the southeastern border to India. For years, this city in the Tarai region has been linked with cheap Chinese and Japanese electronics products. Lately, the city has turned itself as one of the largest commercial and industrial hub in Nepal. In a way, it is a transit point for all kinds of legal and illegal trades with India. The very few manufacturing industry that Nepal has, is located in an around Biratnagar. It also acts as a way for tourists to get entry in to Indian hill stations such as Gangtok and Darjeeling. From there, the mountaineers and hikers proceed for Kanchanjunga, the second highest Himalayan Peak. It is also a gateway to the Tea estates of Nepal that are confined in the districts of Illam and Dhankuta. Biratnagar has also evolved itself to become the melting pot for the various religions and cultures in the Tarai. The place is known for its vibrant culture activities.

Among the places worth visiting, Kosi Tuppa is your best bet. The place is just 2-hours drive from the heart of the city. This wetland is heaven for the birdwatchers and runs almost parallel to the Sapta Kosi River and attracts a lot of migratory birds. In fact, it is one of the best wetlands in Asia in terms of number of species of birds they attract. Close to this place is the Kosi barrage. This is the largest barrage in Nepal and a bone of contention with its neighbor, India. The spectacle of thundering Kosi, river finding its way to India, is breathtaking.

Baraha Chhetra is another must visit site in Biratnagar. This Hindu pilgrimage site is situated at the confluence of Koka and Sapta Kosh rivers. It will take a 20 minutes walk to reach to the temple site. The front pedestal of the temple gives a magnificent view of the riverside. The place is very popular among the locals for taking the holy dip. It is popularly believed that the devil Hirayankashyapu was slayed on this very spot. Apart from that, don’t forget to visit the weekly haat (Communal Market) that is organized on Wednesday at the downtown Biratnagar.


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