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2018 Car Rental In Nepal And Driving in Nepal Tips

2018 Car Rental In Nepal And Driving in Nepal Tips

March 29,2018 0 comments

2018 Car Rental In Nepal And Driving in Nepal Tips

Nepal is a country situated in Asia. Being one of the most picturesque countries in Asia, driving in Nepal is highly recommended if you are planning a trip to Nepal: especially roads hugging the dramatic Adriatic coast.

Driving in Nepal is nothing to be frightened of, we have great roads (okay we also have many narrow small goat tracks in rural areas), but we have a great freeway, the A1, which is easy to navigate.

There are numerous options when it comes to car rental in Nepal as well as several luxury car rental options for you to choose from. While car hire in Nepal is easy; it is important to note that the traffic laws in Nepal may slightly differ with those of your own home country. If you’re looking to rent a car in Nepal here is our guide and tips to help you make an informed decision.

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Things You Should Know When You Rent A Car In Nepal

Renting a car in Nepal, in fact in any foreign country can be a little nerve-wracking till you get your bearings.

Here are just a few tips to get you started when looking at car rental in Nepal – we hope these take some of that fear factor away. As these tips are no way intended to be a complete list and are subject to change, be sure to ask your car rental company for the latest information to make sure you stay across any new changes


With so many tourists, you’ll want to secure the size and model just right for you and get a good rate. Prices tend to go up and up the closer, it gets to July and August as rental car bookings increase and fewer options are available.

Hiring a Car in Nepal Tip: Just Show Up Without Booking Ahead.

Um, NO! Please ignore any advice which says just show up and book your Nepal car rental when you arrive – maybe in low season, but in summer you can forget driving away in any rent a car if you wing it. You’ll be left to catch the bus.

Car Rental Nepal Tip: One-Way Rental Fees

When renting a car in Nepal, be aware of one-way rental fees. For example, if you plan to pick your vehicle up at Tribhuban airport and then return it to Split, then be prepared to pay an extra fee. If you want to avoid this cost, think about your route and how you can circle back to the place of pick up and drop the car back there.

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Car Rental Nepal Tip: What Kind Of Car Should You Rent?

Go for the smallest car possible. Car spaces are tight here, so that’ll give you an advantage.

For families, you’ll need to go slightly bigger and rent a car with adequate space for your luggage. Look for the display which shows you just how many bags and people can fit it.

Vans are available for groups, they do have the most room but remember they’ll be much harder to park in the cities. So, maybe book a private transfer with Octopus Transfers Nepal instead.

Car Rental Nepal Tip: Costs, Rules, and Extra Charges

You’ll get slugged an extra fee to pick up and drop off your car at two different locations. You need to prearrange different pickup and drop off location. I would try to rent a car in Kathmandu and drive all the way to Pokhara (or visa-versa) to make the extra fees worth it. But, if you just want to go from Kathmandu to Pokhara or Kathmandu to Chitwan, think about a private transfer or the bus to avoid hefty one-way fees.The same goes for picking up or dropping off the car out of office hours. It’s possible to arrange it, but you’ll pay extra.

Before you leave with your rental car, be sure to inspect your vehicle for any damage and make sure it is recorded. This is one tricky way companies like to make extra money each summer!

A credit card is not compulsory when renting a car in Nepal. Before you make a car rental booking, be sure to check that you have adequate funds on your Pocket :D, that you won’t need for the duration of your car hire – and then some days afterwards while you are waiting for the refund to be processed. The specific amount ranges from $50 up to $300 from what i could research.

You need to be 25 years old to get a rental car in Nepal unless you pay a young driver surcharge for your car rental.
Don’t forget to refill your car rental before returning it. If not the fee will be HUGE.

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Car Rental Nepal Tip: Automatic or Manual?

The majority of rental cars in Nepal have manual transmission. If you prefer (or need) an automatic vehicle, you’ll need to ensure you book well in advance and be prepared to pay a lot extra.

And, even them… you may get here to discover that they do not have a manual transmission rent a car available. I have heard that several times now, so you’ve been warned.

Car Rental Nepal Tip: Which lane is used when driving?

In Nepal, drivers are required to keep right when driving and overtake on the left. The general road conditions in Nepal are safe. The Car Rental Nepal premium access for long distance driving, between the major cities.

Car Rental Nepal Tip: Headlights

As a rule, headlights should be used at night and at instances when the visibility on the road is less than 100 meters. From October to March, the law requires that dipped headlights be used during daylight hours.

And trust me, you will get pulled over. I have been done three times! It took me a long time to adjust to this rule – whoopsie.

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Car Rental Nepal Tip: Seatbelts

As is the case across all of Asia, wearing a seatbelt, at all times is compulsory. At the date of publication, the fine for not doing so 10 USD.

Car Rental Nepal Tip: What Is The Alcohol Limit On Nepal Roads?

The Blood Alcohol Limit is o 0.05% percent for those over 24 (0.00% for those under 24). To be safe try not to drink anything while driving in Nepal.

Car Rental Nepal Tip: What Documents Do You Need When Driving In Nepal?

You will need to keep the vehicle registration and insurance paperwork in the car at all times. Leave them in the glove box for easy access should you be asked for them.

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Car Rental Nepal Tip: What Driving License Will You Need?

International licenses are valid within Nepal when used in conjunction with an international driver’s permit. In my experience (and many others I know) rental car companies in Nepal don’t ask for the international driver’s license, but I would not take a risk and obtain one before you start your vacation.

Also, these licenses are valid for the first six months only. If you plan to stay longer, each is required to obtain a Nepal driving license after this grace period has lapsed.

Car Rental Nepal Tip: What are the speed limits in Nepal?

Speed limits in Nepal exist and are clearly marked out, for instance,

In built-up areas is 50 km/hr
Open roads up to 80 km/hr
130 km/hr on motorways
At the time of publication the fines for speeding varied from, 300 USD. Now that would sting your holiday budget!

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Hiring a Car in Nepal Tip: Minimum Age

The minimum age for renting a hire car in Nepal is 22. It is also worth noting that drivers 70 years of age or older will need to pay an extra insurance premium to rent a car in Nepal.

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